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Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 Features of this system
Part 3 Basis of the drawing
Part 4 Way to refer the drawings
Part 5 Way to utilize the data
Part 6 Points to keep in mind
Part 7 Conclusion

Part 2. Features of this system

Before concrete explanation, I would like to arrange the making principle and features to have you understand a summary of this system.
I have realized that an overall curved hull surface can be precisely reproduced by 3D-Graphics software from the external form of around ten representative frames provided in the kit drawing or the Anatomy series of the ship. Furthermore, a new frame shape can be produced by slicing the curved surface at a desired frame position. Because the slice work is possible by one-click action, more than 100 frames like bigger ships have can also be reproduced within a short time. As inside hull shape can also be formed by similar way, you can obtain three-dimensional frame shape by gathering all line of frame representing outside-front, inside-front, outside-rear and inside-rear. This line information is then transferred to 2D-Graphics software to obtain exact and smooth frame drawing. By this work, the bevel amount of the frame is automatically reflected in the drawing, you can minimize the waste of material when you fabricate it.

Not only the square frame, the exact shape of cant frame which faces to the keel with certain angle can also be obtained by turning the hull shape to same angle. It means that you do not need the developing action which was needed in the hand drawing.

Because the physical relationship such as a keel, deck beam, and the gunport can be added to a hull drawing if you have such information, the frame drawing can be drawn as a detailed shape including the binding site of them.

Depending on the method of fabrication, frame drawing can be broke down to the futtock unit and they can be arranged to the pattern sheet for defined material size without waste part.

Because the frame line is being drawn on the exact grid with alignment marks, guide lines, relations of the binding site etc., the frame drawings can be used for not only futtock fabrication but also the template for frame assembly. In addition, the builder can do additional drafting as needed on that drawing. It goes without saying, these software gives accuracy of dimension as accurate as CAD. It can be proved when you measure the any part of the drawing.

In addition to the all frame drawings, frame layout drawing which is shown typical structure parts of the hull by line drawing, keel drawing which is added the relation of binding site of the frame, hull top view drawing for frame building jig which is used for upside down assembly method, are the standard set of drawings. Figure 1 shows the status of a representative drawing. Depending on the method of futtock fabrication, individual futtock drawing which was broke down from the frame and their pattern drawing which arranged the futtocks on the material sized sheet can be provided. Depending on the amount of information which can be obtained for instance from Anatomy series of the ships, drawings such as hawse timber, stern post, stern transom etc. can be provided by request.
Once the fundamental drawings were made, they can be extended or compressed to any scale, so the various kind of scale drawings can be provided easily as the request.

Although the drawings include various information in it, a set of drawings can be made within around one month per ship. You may recognize that many of frame drawings in commercial use only provide line drawing. However when you compare with them you will recognize that this system is an epoch-making drawing method from the viewpoint of its amount of information and high accuracy.

If you deeply interested to this system please refer "Step-by-Step procedure for making the frame data" which is provided separately. Entry grade of specified 3D and 2D Graphics software works effectively and adequately for this system. You can utilize them not only to make specified drawings but also to make other drawings. And of course you can enjoy their oiginal graphics features.